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  • Great place! Always in and out quickly and the folks here are great to deal with. I recommend Express Emission for anyone in the Cumming area.
  • Great experience with great customer service. They are great at what they do and very accommodating. I've been here twice for my emissions checks and each time it has been a great experience.
  • This is a great place to have your emissions checked. There was no wait. The service was fast and friendly. The price was good. I was in and out in just a few minutes.
  • Professional, accommodating and kind! Had me in and out quickly and conveniently. Fantastic emissions test station!

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All vehicles subject to emissions inspections will receive a three-part inspection:

1. An onboard diagnostics test to check a vehicle’s emissions control performance history.

2. All vehicles receive a Gas Cap Pressure Check, which tests to see if a vehicle's gas cap is effectively keeping fuel vapors from escaping. Fuel evaporation is a major cause of ground level smog and a properly functioning gas cap improves gas mileage by preventing fuel waste.

3. A visual inspection of the catalytic converter to check for tampering or removal.


How is the onboard diagnostics test performed?

  • The inspector will attach the testing equipment to a vehicle’s data link connector (or DLC) to read specific codes from the vehicle’s computer memory. The DLC is usually located inside the vehicle on or near the dashboard.
  • Most well-maintained vehicles will pass inspection the first time. However, if a vehicle has an emissions-related problem or malfunction, the testing equipment will ready one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) indicating the nature of the malfunction.
  • A vehicle’s on-board computer system will tell whether the emissions control system is working properly or not. If it is not working properly, it is likely that the vehicle is exceeding emissions levels.


    The following 13 counties require emissions testing on vehicles registered in…